International Corporate Structuring

Our world has changed.  Just a few years back, our clients are U.S./Silicon Valley based high-technology companies incorporated in Delaware or California.  They do their research and development primarily in the U.S., manufacturing in the U.S. or Asia, and their revenue sources were also in the U.S.

Today, our clients are doing their research and development partially here in the U.S. and partially elsewhere in Asia.  Their manufacturing is typically offshore, and their customers are in the U.S., China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Europe or other places—essentially, globally.

A singular corporate structure based in the U.S. may no longer be the most suitable structure for a high-tech company.  Our attorneys are experienced in structuring companies based in the Cayman Islands, BVI, Hong Kong, or elsewhere.  We can help you analyze your particular needs and advise a structure most suitable to the short term and long term business goals of your company and execute it accordingly.

International Transactions

We regularly counsel domestic and international clients on issues ranging from corporate structures, investments, joint ventures, intellectual property, and business and financial transactions.  We also help protect our clients’ intellectual property rights and assist in the development and licensing of intellectual capital through strategic partnership alliances.

Focusing on China, Taiwan, & Hong Kong

Many of our attorneys are from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong and have been educated both here in the United States as well as in Asia.  We are bicultural, and we speak multiple languages.  We understand the view points, the cultural differences, and the way things are done in each culture.  We know the respective histories, current events and, most of all, we know how to get things done in each society.

We have relationships and have built trust with time-tested professionals in each of the places in which we bring value to our clients.