What do we bring to the table?

We structure and manage our practice with sharp and constant focus on what matters to our clients:  delivering the most effective legal solutions in line with our clients’ business objectives at the most reasonable rates.

Corporate Transactions

Our clients demand results, and we provide results.  Many are seeking to take hold of exceptional opportunities or face unprecedented risks.  They know an important deal can mean the difference between edging ahead of their competitors or failing to take the market.  Such a critical deal is won or lost depending on the speed, flexibility, and, more importantly, the good judgment of the players involved.

Our corporate attorneys come from years of practical business experience.  Our senior team members have founded high-tech companies, raised venture financing, operated companies to achieve milestones, and thoroughly understand what it takes to be successful.  In this respect, we work directly with our clients to manage and evaluate risks, expedite deals, negotiate contracts, defuse crisis, predict actions of other parties, and generally prioritize the important matters from the trivial.

We understand the view from all sides of the table.  We understand what it takes to seize a deal, negotiate a deal, and close a deal.  We understand the importance of bringing the parties together and striking a mutual beneficial deal.

Venture Financing

Our firm performs work for a number of venture capital firms, and our attorneys have worked for startups as well.  We understand the points of view of the VCs as well as that of the startups.

We understand the importance of IRR and ROI to a VC and how the deal points in a term sheet translate into such.  On the other hand, from the startup point of view, we understand the meaning of “cash is king” and the necessity to stretch dollars.  We therefore structure each startup according to the particular situation and the financing required.

Our corporate attorneys have also built sincere relationships with leading venture capital partners.  They value our ability to evaluate and prepare companies for financing.  If the circumstances are appropriate, we will introduce you to our relationships, and you  will arrive with a step forward as a credible company with a viable business model.

Mergers & Acquisitions

When the time comes for your company to acquire a company or is the target of an acquisition, we can help you in the structuring of a deal most suitable for the transaction.  We can help you conduct due diligence, identify problem areas, promote your strengths, structure the deal, and handle the financing and documentation.

Alliances & Joint Ventures

We are business people, and we understand the business process.  We understand that the signing of an agreement is only the first step in a business relationship, and the challenge remains in the successful execution of the agreement.  We understand in the appropriate situations, there is the importance of structuring a win-win situation that is mutually beneficial and yet protects both sides.  We help you negotiate and document relationships that are built to last.  We think through the deals, structure the deals accordingly, and provide for contingencies.


Our attorneys are intimately familiar with the pains and rewards of startups.  From the initial structuring of founder agreements and stock options to the later structuring of venture financing deals and alliances agreements, we become intimately familiar with your business model and marketplace.

In that respect, we discuss your short term and long term milestones, understand the entire food chain from your suppliers to your customers, and ultimately, your exit strategy.  We then recommend the best structure to achieve your goals.  Whether you need a simple corporation, an offshore entity, an LLC, or a complex structure with multiple classes of securities, warrants, shareholder agreements or interrelated entities, we have the experience to create the proper structure.

International Structuring

Our world has changed.  In many respects, we are a local economy within a global one.  Check out our International Practice description.